Specialized Transformation Programs

BPTP® | Business Process Transformation Professional Certificate

This training program is crafted specifically for senior executives leading the Business Process Transformation inside their organizations. Applying process reengineering and following lean six-sigma approaches are always the best ways to lead processes improvement in organizations. But it always lack the bigger picture of dashboarding and overall processes maturity and benchmarking. Process Transformation Index © is the core objective of this program.

HRTP® | HR Transformation Professional Certificate

HR Transformation is an organization-wide mission that shall be jointly crafted and formulated by its business leaders. Such initiative is tackling the main three pillars of the organization: people, process and technology. Transformation process has wise milestones to cope with the external market factors as well as internal resistance.

ITTP® | IT Transformation Professional Certificate

Technology Transformation is an important part of Business Transformation process and we dedicate this workshop to all IT/Technology professionals interested in bringing innovative technology processes to their organizations. It is a unique program empowering IT/Technology professionals with management and quantities measurement tools to lead any technology transformation or upgrade into a successful initiative. This program has been designed based on IT Governance, IT Services Management, Technology InfoSec and Business Continuity best practices.

PMOTP® | PMO Transformation Professional Certificate

This training program is crafted specifically for project management professionals and senior executives leading the PMO Transformation inside their organizations to assess, mature and present new PMO excellence model for the organizations empowered by PMO KPIs, Maturity Levels, and PMO Governance tools.



This survey inquires on the main challenges faced by organizations worldwide, and which main factors of Business Transformation contribute to cope with them.